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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Aug 29, 2017

Have you ever wondered why custom furniture has such a long delivery time? Or been frustrated that you just can't find the right size or quality you're looking? Or been on a routine conference call with your boss and quit your job? Or moved to France for 5 months to learn French? Well, Tino Go can answer all of these questions. Check out how he's reinventing the furniture industry with his approach to mass customization.

Reinvention, Re-imagine, Turning Point, Re-brand, Technology Impact, Entrepreneur, Digital Age, Creativity

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3:46s Mass customization and redesign of the furniture industry

6:27s The furniture shopper customer experience

14:25s Tino’s motivation for founding Dimensionally Yours

16:20s Working in Finance and gaining experience working with manufacturers

17:34s Bi-modal – the intersection of art and business

20:00s Photography scholarships and working in the fashion industry

22:20s Learning French for 5 months in Paris

32:00s Getting into logistics and execution of ad campaigns and conquering Europe

33:30s. Quitting your job on conference call with your boss

35:30s Going back to school to study finance

44:00s Augmented reality applications for furniture industry

50:03s Raising money to assemble team and create in-house manufacturing process

“Serendipity doesn’t happen at home.”

“Opportunity favors a prepared mind.”

“Nothing was good enough, even before it was created.” (on creating art)

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