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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Apr 21, 2023

#Vininfante #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #firefighter #lifecoach

Vin Infante is a former firefighter who’s passionate about helping others as he develops himself. Listen to JJRR 104 as Vin describes how living out his two childhood dream careers left him wanting and how his recent pivot into entrepreneurship as...

Feb 8, 2023


#jimjimsreinventionrevolution #chancellorkjackson #beijing #amazonkindle

Chancellor K Jackson is an unlikely author and founder of his new publishing company Koreleh.  Listen to JJRR 103 as Chance, a native of Atlanta, GA, found himself spending an unwanted 14 days in a Chinese jail and how that experience spawned...

Jan 6, 2023

#curiosity #observation #jimjimsreinventionrevolution

Hey JJRR listeners welcome to 2023! JimJim is back from kicking off his year in New Orleans and while having his first cup ever of blood tea at the Vampire Café in the French Quarter, he’s been reflecting and observing.  Listen to JJRR 102 as JimJim digs into...

Nov 30, 2022

#jimjimsreinventionrevolution #unleashinginfluence #personalbranding

Dr. Angela Mulrooney is a denstist, dancer, and entrepreneur who’s affinity for arson is unleashing personal branding.  Listen to JJRR 101 as Angela describes how a genetic neurological disorder destroyed her career in dentistry but lit a fire...

Nov 9, 2022

#jimjimsreinventionrevolution #polarplunge #milemethod #costarica

Hey Revolutionaries it’s JJRR episode 100 and time to celebrate!!!  Listen to JJRR 100 (😊 I can’t believe I just typed JJRR 100) as JimJim takes this episode to give thanks to all who’ve been listening, all the guests and all the support...