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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Mar 2, 2020

Aya Garcia Shlachter is the whirlwind founder and creative force of MG Shlachter, global architectural services firm, Tablea Chocolate, Filipino chocolate cafes, and chief designer for her family's Ariana Hotel. Listen to Ep 65 as she describes how her entrepreneurial journey began in NYC, what took her back to the Philippines, and how chocolate saved her during the 2008 financial crisis. Recently finding her stride back in the US, Aya now manages her global operations remotely from Cleveland, OH.

06:08s Connecting at Launchhouse and common interest in Asia

08:01s Climbing Linabod peak in Dipolog, Philippines and finding your stride

12:04s Growing up the Philippines and deciding to study architecture rather than art

14:12s Starting consulting with big retail brands in New York City

17:53s Moving back to Philippines and creating Tablea Chocolate during 2008 recession

24:26s The genesis of MG Shlachter as economy recovers and moving back to USA

28:03s Contrast of living in Cleveland vs the Philippines

31:35s Meeting friends through triathlon training

33:38s Forced to find more clients and awakening as an entrepreneur

37:11s Snapping out of it, networking and discovering Launchhouse coworking

38:48s Building the project team for the Ariana Hotel in Dipolog city, Philippines

41:52s MG Shlachter’s new design support offerings for

47:22s Understanding the role and power of social media and podcasting for business

50:24s Staying open and pivoting MG Shlachter to hospitality

53:08s Dakak resort in Dipolog Philippines

57:36s Clarity of vision as a leader

“I actually jumpstarted the tablea movement in the Philippines by opening up a café… The idea was to re-introduce it (table chocolate) to the youth.”

“I’m out here in Cleveland biking, doing makeup and going to the gym. Um, that’s really not that responsible, but that was part of my reawakening and reinvention…my journey as entrepreneur.”

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