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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Jan 22, 2020

Mitch Zlotnik is a serial entrepreneur who has a knack for smelling blood in the water and envisioning new business. Listen to Ep63 as he describes his early businesses related to health and batteries and how the winding down of his family's legacy drug store business led to the founding of Audimute. Inspired by Mitch's passion for drumming, is bringing eco-friendly solutions to sound management, innovating with visual impact, and embracing new markets in esports, podcasting and beyond.

04:43s How values as a leader play out in your business

06:01s Developing a vacuum erection device (pump) business

09:12s Smelling blood in the water and developing a breast pumping business

14:13s Focusing down / finding new opportunities pivoting from med devices to batteries

17:40s Teaching Ebay in classrooms as a certified instructor in 1999

20.30s Email in 1991 and creating a Dr. Ruth top 10 website about impotence

23:10s Learning technology as a necessity to execute on business vision

25:51s Get out of your own way, let others lead

27:30s Budgeting $50 - $100K for employee mistakes to allow for development

29:20s Implementing structure and processes to facilitate freedom and efficiency

32:25s sound solutions and management

37:45s Getting into products requiring fire ratings and developing eco-friendly materials

40:36s Open office trends stimulating new sound design / decorative features

44:17s Proper sound management as wellness

48:46s Leaning into new applications: podcast studios, esports streaming facilities

52:25s Todd Cochrane’s personal studios in Michigan, first ever! green screen sound panels

57:35s “If it’s all about me, then I don’t have a sustainable model”

1:01:05s Cleveland Cavaliers NBA2K Legion Lair new Esports gaming facility

1:06:30s How to find a standing acoustic wave in a space

1:14:30s Starting with your mission and reverse engineering technology solutions

1:18:25s Keeping an open mind and understanding that not everyone has vision

1:22:40s DISC personality assessment

1:25:40s Strategic, tactical and operational

1:35:50s Getting out of your own way

“Humility, get out of your own way, get over yourself… let people do their own thing. What does it mean to get out of your own way in your business?”

“The whole purpose of this is not to sell you a bunch of (sound) panels but to produce an intended outcome.”

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