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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Dec 20, 2019

Did you ever ask an engineer or lawyer for decorating advice? Anita Joyce and Kelly Wilkniss both started out in professional careers before creating their individual decorating blogs where they have been able to feed their passion, connect with fans and collaborate with leading brands. Listen to Ep61 to hear how these best selling authors found each other through the blogoshpere, discovered their "eerie"connection, and why they started Decorating Tips and Tricks, a podcast which they now co-host.


06:54s Attending a podcast conference - Podcast Movement

09:20s Impressions of the podcast industry

12:40s The Decorating Tips and Tricks podcast

15:20s Kelly and Anita’s point of view on decorating and chemistry

19:04s Deciding to do a podcast together as co-hosts

24:35s Anita’s start as an engineer and finding her passion in decorating and photography

30:32s Being relatable as a passionate enthusiast vs a subject matter expert

32:12s Kelly’s start as a trial attorney / prosecuter in New York and moving to California

39:04s Blogging full time and making money with sponsorships and creating authority

44:33s Embracing technology, leaning in and finding opportunities

48:35s Failing as an entrepreneur and figuring out it’s just a step along the way

51:00s Discover a love for business and approaching brands

53:56s Anita’s greenery decorating tip

54:45s Kelly’s runner  / centerpiece idea for holiday meals

“To say that technology is ruining the way that people communicate I really couldn’t disagree more.  I think if you use it properly that it can expand your world like it certainly has mine and Anita’s.” – Kelly Wilkness

“Coming from the blogging world, we felt like we were connecting with our readers that way, but the connection on the podcast with listeners just seems to be much more personal.” – Anita Joyce

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