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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Jan 15, 2019

Chris Krimitsos is an event producer, speaker and expert communicator who's developed a passion for building community. Listen to Ep47 as Chris, founder of international podcast / mulit-media conference PodFest, describe how he starting building community with Tampa Bay Business Owners; which led to founding many groups such as the Florida youtube and podcasters association. Now finding the national spotlight, Chris was Invited recently to speak on podcasting at Harvard University.

04:38s Speaking at Harvard / EDU professors podcasting conference

07:56s Sponsoring by Zack Davis and Harvard Divinity school

10:14s Founding Podfestexpo and partnering with John Dennis

11:45s Moving to Tampa, FL and starting Tampa Bay Business Owners Association

13:58s Starting Podfestexpo in 2015

15:33s Hiring J Conrad Levinson for $13.5K to speak but leaving no money for promotion

16:20s Creating gorilla marketing video at Barnes and Nobles

22:02s Meditation for Women podcast with Katie Krimitsos

23:12s Producing 8 podcasts and enjoying digital media for communication

24:34s Florida demographics, Florida podcasters association, tech incubators

30:55s Developing a national speaking presence and writing two books

32:20s Being an exceptional communicator being able to adjust on the fly

35:18s The Messengers, a podcast documentary and the genesis of the title

39:12s 2019 technology trends for podcasting and audio

43:01s The challenge of addictive aspects of technology

47:28s Long form content mediums: podcasting, video

50:23s Discovering expertise in speaking, and in connecting people

54:02s Having confidence in your own schools

“It’s very tough to scale caring. You really have to take the time and care about your individual members. Know who they are.”

“It’s what I call abundance.  Every city should have an area for podcaster / youtuber meetups. I understood that I could claim the state of Florida.” 

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