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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Sep 6, 2018

Jeff Mlakar is a technologist who's found his dream job developing cutting edge applications in augmented reality.  Listen to Ep37 as Jeff describes how he first discovered Microsoft's HoloLens and how now he's helping Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic reinvent medical school education. Through the Interactive Commons at CWRU, Jeff and his team are eliminating the need for a physical cadaver lab for the new med school and replacing it with  a shared augmented reality curriculum.

03:56s Reinvention of medical school education as we know it

06:58s The interdisciplinary center at Case Western Reserve University

08:45s The 20th century classroom experience

10:30s Jeff’s background in technology and discovering Microsoft’s Hololens

13:02s Teaching gross anatomy without the use of a cadaver laboratory

15:40s Microsoft’s mixed reality headset, the Hololens

20:40s Cleveland Clinic and CWRU leading Hololens application development

23:15s Biomedical illustrators and 3D animators from Cleveland Institute of Art

26:58s Building scalable infrastructure / software platforms

29:48s Virtual reality vs augmented reality and the value of shared experiences

32:35s Demoing an architecture 3d model application and using existing 3d content

37:45s Controlling and experiencing virtual images with Hololens

41:45s Sharing experiences with others over the internet with wifi

45:15s Having remote meetings but sharing space with avatars i.e. “Jedi Council”

53:32s Trying things and seeing what works, exploring applications

55:53s Shifting mindset from no to let’s try it

57:38s Realizing how much fear has been ingrained with the old learning process

“This is the next revolution of how we interact with technology”

“If we don’t have that physical co-presence with each other, it’s really difficult to have a full, really impactful educational experience. That’s why the Hololens is a game changer for us.”

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