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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Jul 5, 2018

Corey Cottrell is a musician and former Forex trader who's recently pivoted into the world of cryptocurrency where he and his partners provide full service cryptocurrency consulting and have developed a top 10 crypto index fund.  Listen to episode 33 as Corey describes his recent trip to Iceland to visit the second largest cryptocurrency  mining operation outside of China  and how his move to Tucson, AZ paused his music career and got him on the investing path.

05:30s Traveling to Iceland to visit the largest cryptocurrency mining facility outside of China

06:40s Explaining cryptocurrency mining

11:28s How “halving events” effects the block reward

14:45s Describing Bitclub’s Bitcoin mining hardware and the Iceland mining facility

21:06s Risk and trust and the stories that are told by today’s banking system

25:11s Being a musician in San Diego, getting bored in Tucson and finding trading

26:50s Finding Forex in Orlando and discovering Bitcoin through a podcast

29:18s Discovering Alternative (cryptocurrency) coins through a friend Travis Morehead

30:08s Launching a personal portfolio service and crypto index fund

33:20s Putting the hype cycle of 2017 into perspective, history of Bitcoin

35:10s Etherium and EOS, explaining the EOS launch

38:32s Nations considering their own cryptocurrency analog to their FIAT currency

44:45s Watching the US Government take on cryptocurrency

47:30s Setting up for a 3 year process to make metric craptons (Cory’s technical term) of money

51:30s Working with Crypto Consultants, how they setup accounts and store crypto

56:14s Dissemination of bad information and how blockchain may improve trust

1:01:15s Dealing with change and throwing out patterns to deal with reinvention

“I’ve got a real philosophical kind of feel and bent around this whole thing (cryptocurrency) because once you really start to understand what’s going on, this technology this idea is gonna change the world.”

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