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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Dec 11, 2023

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Aya Shlachter, founder of the newly christened MGS Global Group, returns to JJRR to talk podcasting, backup singing and polar plunging: what!?  Listen to JJRR 111 as Aya shares how the pandemic surprisingly spawned her Architect My Life podcast brand and jumpstarted her singing career.  Going all in on both, she’s built out an in-house social media content team and recently made her professional backup singing debut.    Listen to the end to hear about Aya’s latest plunge into new waters: polar plunging.

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09:50s Foreshadowing from JJRR 65, first backyard mini-concert

13:30s First gig as a professional backup singer

17:10s Learning to be a backup singer

19:50s Review / Preview of Podfest Podtour in Cleveland and Podfext Expo in Orlando, FL

29:05s Architect My Life – Personal branding –  podcastor / digital media producer

35:56s The birth of Architect My Life brand 

39:30s How “doing the hang” lead to becoming a speaker

44:40s Re-architecting MG Shlachter to MGS Global Group

48:10s Being recognized in Austin, TX because of podcasting

51:45s Building out a social media content team within MGS Global Group

59:00s Plunging into cold plunging for the first time

01:07:23s Earning the right to grow – exploring strategic planning

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