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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Jan 3, 2019

Cory Finding is a serial entrepreneur, tech developer and ultramarathon runner who enjoys developing customer focused engagement solutions.  Listen to Ep45 as Cory describes how by chance he recently entered the supply chain space  founding, a blockchain based Software as a Service (Saas) offering that is providing transparency and traceability to all aspects of supply chain. His tech team has described as "the first time there's a real reason to deploy blockchain."  #blockchain #reinvention #supplychain

04:02s Definition of supply chain, starts at raw materials

04:56s State of today’s supply chain

07:14s Impact of blockchain on current supply chains: trace and trackability

09:27s What blockchain is and how it can be valuable for supply chain

12:03s Understanding adoption of blockchain and consumer validation

15:15s, a new blockchain based solution layer for supply chain

18:02s Leveraging API calls without redesigning an entire system

21:14s Starting directly in tech and entrepreneurship out of school

24:33s Getting a big payday and reinvesting in new ventures

27:45s Getting into supply chain and blockchain by chance, building a SaaS model

34:25s Understanding technology marketing and voice of the customer

36:38s Engagement solutions and serving up technologies customers want

39:08s Taking care of yourself and running an ultramarathon

“It [blockchain] creates a record and it creates good behavior.”

“Trace and trackability really become the crux of what supply chain will lean on, and integrate blockchain throughout.”

“My tech team sat with me and said look, this is probably the first time there’s a real reason to deploy blockchain”

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