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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Nov 1, 2018

Bill Latino is a business development guru who's latest reinvention has placed him in the rapidly evolving driverless vehicle industry and has connected him to Israel's tech startup community in Tel Aviv.  Listen to Ep42 as Bill shares his insights on the market and how new radar technology will enable fully autonomous level 5 driving.  Hear Bill's thoughts on the startup scene in Tel Aviv and how Arbe Robotics (an portfolio company) is providing 4D, high resolution, real-time mapping solutions.

07:07s State of the market for driverless vehicles

09:46s Zoox bi-directional level 5 driverless vehicle – end of 2019

12:34s Technology getting better and implementation closer than you think

14:36s 6 levels of autonomous driving

16:45s Running sales and business development for Arbe Robotics 4D radar sensor

20:25s Differences between lidar and radar, and radar for vehicles

22:45s Application / frequency / market space for drones vs automotive

26:32s and the technology scene in Israel

31:26s How technology has changed the sales role and staying in touch

34:15s Staying informed and keeping an open mind

37:20s Surprising speed of development and benefits of driverless vehicles

“Being in the forefront of autonomous driving I think it’s just a phenomenal opportunity… Just to think that my grandchildren will never learn how to drive… it’s incredible.”