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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

May 29, 2018

Chris and Eric Martinez are certified personal trainers, authors, podcasters and business men that are now pioneering business coaching for personal trainers.  Listen to Ep30 to hear these identical twins describe how they overcame personal tragedy of losing a parent when they were just 17 years old and how a mentor relationship helped them form their future.  Embracing training clients worldwide online early on, Chris and Eric are now helping trainers like themselves develop their own online businesses.


04:33s First impressions of Chris and Eric at Podfest in Orlando, FL

06:35s Chris and Eric’s, Dynamic Lifestyle podcast

08:15s Dynamic Duo Training, online personal training and coaching for trainers

10:45s Hiring an online personal trainer to experience and research online offerings

14:15s When Chris and Eric are 17, their Father dies in a car wreck 3 days before Christmas

17:00s Dealing with tragedy, crawling out of the dark and finding a mentor, Dr. Layne Norton

18:45s The value of seeking a mentor and / or coach

20:40s Diving into personal training out of college but still working full time jobs

26:51s Attracting first clients, bikini models and fitness competitors

30:15s For entrepreneurs, why not focus on your health first?

33:52s Motivation for the “New Era of Fitness” book

36:15s Challenge of Facebook advertising and bring things back to human communication

39:10s Morning routine as a game changer

40:48s Waking up every day and making the choice to be happy and check your attitude

42:31s Chris and Eric’s workout routine

“People think that once they become wealthy or they’ve hit that success point they can kind of go back and be like oh well ok now I’ll take care of my health but it really doesn’t work like that.”

“What it all starts off with is the morning routine, I literally take out pretty much 2 hours of the morning to work on myself before I answer any emails, check any social media, do anything for my business and it’s an absolute game changer.”  

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