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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Apr 21, 2018

Bonnie Truax is now a world traveler and blogger but at age 30 was broke, ending a bad marriage and going back to school to finish her college degree.  Listen to Episode 27 as she describes how she was able to create financial independence and retire early (FIRE) at age 43 with her new husband Trinity and begin exploring Central and South  America full time for the last 18 months.  Starting a blog (43bluedoors) to stay in touch with friends and family, she's been sharing her recent "life outside the box" and inspiring folks interested in travel and living life differently.


04:50s Exploring Central and South America – now in Sucre, Bolivia

06:52s F.I.R.E (Financially Independent and Retired Early)

08:02s Discovering topics of interest in Reddit

11:25s Raised in a family that did not earn a lot of money

12:20s Starting all over again at age 30

16:12s Meeting her new husband not knowing how to live affluently

16:30s Deciding to retire

18:53s How to figure out if you can retire, finding a financial fiduciary advisor

23:08s Developing replacement income while you’re working

28:15s Finding volunteering opportunities while traveling

30:45s Starting a blog for family, friends and fun

34:15s Finding Boris in Ecuador and offering to volunteer

35:45s Monetizing the blog for charity

37:50s The meaning of 43 blue doors

41:30s Getting rid of cellphone service and using Google phone and social apps

45:45s Prior travel experience, culture shock and safety on the road

49:15s Online vs offline when traveling

52:40s Observing foreign cultures and observing consequences of change or lack thereof

“We had been saving for that rainy day and it basically opened up opportunities for us. When it started raining we were like, let’s walk into the Sunshine”

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