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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Apr 11, 2018

Ed Knuth is a lawyer turned professor and digital photography enthusiast who took a 6 month teaching gig in Southeast Asia as the jolt he needed to reinvent himself.  Fast forward 17 years and Ed, originally from the US, has become a fixture in the expat community of Bangkok, Thailand.  Listen to Ep26 as Ed describes professor life, culture shock, and the Thai healthcare system.  Now the co-host of the Bangkok Podcast, Ed also describes his pioneering efforts in digital cinema  and shooting of the JJRR logo. @bangkokpodcast @ciff42 @tuinternational #jimjimsreinventionrevolution


03:53s Chiang Rai clocktower album cover, official photographer of JJRR podcast

06:38s Ed’s cutting edge Digital Cinema Expo, love of film and all things digital

12:30s Moving away from being a lawyer and coming up with a new plan

13:30s Hearing about a teaching job in Thailand and making the leap

16:08s Reading Culture Shock Thailand on the plane vs contemporary Thai culture

27:41s The adventure of meeting Internationals, other expats, and being outside the US

32:34s Getting diagnosed with abdominal cancer and experiencing foreign healthcare system

35:32s The 30 Baht ($1 US) healthcare system and other tiers

41:39s Thailand’s medical system, one of the best values in the world

44:15s Thai legal system in healthcare vs US, a cultural difference

46:13s Teaching Thai students and breaking into University teaching part time

51:08s Teaching International programs in Thailand, types of students

54:05s British American Studies curriculum

56:10s Developing a critical thinking course and having it adopted widely by University

1:02:42s Co-hosting the Bangkok podcast for expats with Greg Jorgensen

“I always tell them leave the United States. My advice to all Americans is to get out. It gives you such a perspective on the world.”

“A running joke amongst expats here is that we always think that we’re only gonna stay one more year.”Enjoy this episode? Share it with friends! Click Subscribe in ITunes!