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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Mar 1, 2018

Did you ever go on vacation and never want to come back? Mark Sears is the founder and CEO of Cloudfactory, a tech savvy  outsourcing company he started after he extended a planned two week vacation to Nepal with his wife.  Really.  Listen to episode 24 to hear Mark describe why he stayed to teach Ruby-on-Rails and how now his company provides a "cloud labor" force that is supporting many new artificial intelligence applications and the arms race of self driving cars.   #Kathmandu #Nepal #durhamnc #selfdrivingcars



03:40s Are we all going to lose our jobs? The future of work

05:42s Speed of change and how it’s affecting job functions

07:55s Machine learning, supervised learning and unsupervised learning

10:32s The human labor component behind artificial intelligence for supervised learning

16:20s Traveling to Kathmandu, Nepal; staying and starting Cloudfactory

19:47s Learning Nepali’s leave their country for two years at a time for opportunity

20:45s Extending a vacation, and teaching Ruby on Rails

23:50s Starting Cloudfactory to offer a tech savvy, outsourced labor service

28:08s Cloudfactory use cases - artificial intelligence work streams

33:02s The arms race of creating training data for self-driving cars

35:25s Cloudfactory mission of creating meaningful work and fostering innovation

38:35s Talent is equally distributed but opportunity is not

41:30s Expanding internet access and the next decade of work, a flattening world

48:15s Continued reinvention with traveling: living / working in different countries

“Work is about to be completely disrupted, but it’s just changing. It’s certainly not a matter of there being nothing left for us to do. It’s an opportunity for us to continue working on higher order things”

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