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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Oct 3, 2017

So how's your elevator pitch working for you?  What if you ran into a magic genie and she was ready to grant you one wish to help your business, improve your lifestyle, or tackle a new technology? What would you say?  Yea I'm still working my pitch too.

But after talking with John Livesay in episode 11, I know who I can turn to for help.  John, known as the pitch whisperer,  is a master story teller who helps businesses go from invisible to investable.  I loved hearing his thoughts on disruption, how to react to it, and how it was the crucible for his own reinvention as the pitch whisperer.  If you're looking for funding i'd listen closely. #startup #successfulpitch #disruption #reinvention #jimjims


04:50s Disruption and reinvention and the choice of how to react

07:07s There’s no such thing as a comfort zone, change used to be gradual

10:30s Embracing change and how to stay connected with story telling

12:30s How the “pitch whisperer” term came to be and what it means and the 3 unspoken questions

16:28s How decisions are made, left vs right brain

18:45s John’s skillset and podcast, the successful pitch

23:00s Getting laid off and John’s story of his own reinvention

27:30s How getting laid off can help you overcome fear

33:20s Jay Samit, failure and zombie ideas

37:00s Investing in yourself like a stock to develop your business

42:05s How John became a keynote speaker

44:24s How having a great elevator pitch helped John’s speaking career

51:15s John’s dream of giving a TEDx talk on disruption

“There’s no such thing as a comfort zone anymore.”

“It’s all about how do I stay connected to myself and to other people and not let the technology run me but that we run the technology.”

“3 Unspoken questions – Do I trust you? Do I like you? Do I care about you?”