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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Jan 24, 2022

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Sara Kolata is an architect and entrepreneur whose passion is raising the financial well being of architects through digital transformation.  Listen to JJRR 91 as Sara shares how her discovery of humanitarian design initially brought her to Guatemala and inspired her to start a charity there.  Yet after a few hard years managing razor thin budgets and not being able to pay herself, Sara knew the only way to grow and prosper for her was through entrepreneurship.  Taking time out to self-educate on business and digital marketing, Sara now helps other architects with their own digital transformations.

MGS Global Group – Built Environment and Architecture Support Services

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06:31s Moving to Barcelona Spain to skydive through the Winter

09:40s Taking on the challenge of raising the financial well being of Architects

15:05s Lack of business education at design schools

16:59s How architecture industry structurally  makes it hard to start your  own business

20:14s Ideal client profile to be entrepreneur

23:55s Early experience as an architect in London / Shanghai

31:08s Discovering humanitarian design and starting a non-profit in Guatemala

35:12s Starting out in Guatemala working for a charity

37:41s Starting a charity on her own to build out projects

39:25s The fading dream of charity work and turning to marketing and business

42:15s Studying online business and sharing it with architects

46:17s I kept telling myself I am really old was the hardest thing

51:04s Discovering skydiving in Orlando while attending Tony Robbins event

53:15s Training to solo jump: yikes! And moving to Barcelona to jump during Winter

58:33s Give yourself a chance

“I discovered that not knowing about business or marketing I need to really deep dive into a topic which is gigantic.”

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