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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Dec 20, 2021

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Jillian Baronoff is a lawyer turned entrepreneur who's passion is providing easily accessible, low cost legal service to the public. Listen to JJRR 89 as Jillian describes how frustrations she experienced in her law firm's model, with respect to charging clients and the lifestyle it required of her, provided the push to found Lawzy. Buoyed by the growing tech scene in her homebase of Miami, FL, Lawzy is spearheading much needed tech into law, providing contemporary connection for clients and lawyers.

07:51s Weather in Miami, Florida

09:27s Tech wave / scene in Miami accelerating during pandemic

11:38s Lawzy, the app: ask a lawyer a question

14:44s Law; an industry of gatekeepers

18:27s Challenges of state bar association regulations, preventing innovation

20:27s Lawzy approved by Florida bar, going state to state

21:56s Privacy advantages of app / cell phone versus laptop

24:41s Choosing entrepreneurship having parental role models

26:56s Stressed out at the law firm and dreaming of better lifestyle

31:20s Getting started with savings and raising funding with crowdfunding

34:02s Hiring the right tech expertise to fill in gaps vs like minded people

36:40s Reinvention revelation: you do not need to be perfect

39:12s Looking for feedback: the good, the bad and the ugly

“With law we’ve been very late to catch on to technology, arguably one of the latest industries.”

“I think to me the magic word of how to describe law is it’s really been an industry of gatekeepers.”

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