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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Jul 2, 2020

Joe and Mike Brusca are brothers in business with a passion for figuring out the online world and designing a lifestyle of their choice. Listen to JJRR 70 as they describe how Joe got started with retail arbitrage using Amazon FBA which led to their first major success creating ebooks for the Kindle platform. Having built many assets online, Joe and Mike are now focused on building community with coaching and online classes to help others prosper while keeping their lifestyle in focus.

07:18s Amazon FBA and flipping stuff on Ebay doing retail arbitrage

10:12s Getting suspended from Kindle Publishing, being forced to diversify

12:22s Effect of Covid on online business models

17:28s Multuple online business models that tie together

20:19s Business model of Kindle publishing, how to produce a new title

22:25s Noticing trends / top genres to develop better conversion rates

25:44s Discovering online business and understanding its scalability

29:18s Being frustrated by the day job and not being in control over your schedule

33:14s Mike’s journey, going to Chiang Mai Thailand early on and its impact

36:05s Equity of building assets online, flipping websites and blogs

38:36s Addressing why to move into coaching and teaching business

44:22s Dealing with the overwhelming technology world step by step

47:22s You need to reinvent yourself to do online business

49:08s Managing your mental energy

 “It was just a process of doing different business models and realizing that they’re really scalable.” – Joe Brusca

“Online business forces you to work on all aspects of yourself… You need to reinvent yourself coming from the regular conditioning of working a job…” – Mike Busca

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