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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Apr 3, 2020

Marie Fill is a triathlon coach and photographer who has a passion for preparing for peak race day performance. Listen to JJRR 66 as she shares how finding triathlon was a needed alternative to the New York City nightlife scene and how endurance mindset and training can be just what we need to get through Corona Quarantine. Testing her own mindset, Marie shares how she overcame the harrowing start to her first Ironman, getting knocked down and bloodied before the start, yet still finishing. #ironmantriathlon #triathloncoach #photography

08:36s Impact of Covid-19 and social distancing on triathlon training

10:50s Photographing the Nomad Summit and staying in Mexico for Ironman Cozumel

12:36s Difference between Ironman triathlons and Olympic triathlons and other races

16:23s Starting out as veterinary assistant and going back to school for photography

17:34s Bartending and burnout in New York City

18:35s Signing up for her first triathlon

22:50s Learning to triathlon

24:10s Gary V, intention, and deciding to start over as a triathlon coach

26:18s Deciding to pivot to triathlon coaching and away from photography

29:34s Visualization and journaling the end result in the present tense

31:50s Moving into alignment

34:41s Training for Ironman in Cozumel Mexico

35:40s Getting things done with David Allen

39:18s Knocked to the ground by a motorbike on the way start of race

42:15s A spectator collapses near start of race

44:09s Encountering a fellow racer unconscious in the water

49:20s The mindset to keep going and bring yourself back to the current moment

54:40s Planning for Cozumel again this Fall

58:55s Having patience with respect to learning new tech tools

1:02:57s Supplementing coaching with a side hustle, delivery service in the sharing economy

1:10:08s Understanding patience and being ok with being a beginner

“I ended up putting so much pressure on photography, my photography business that I didn’t go anywhere with it.”

“The good thing about doing the endurance sports and exercising like this is actually, it’s a form of meditation.”

“And I look over and I see a guy completely unconscious and on his back.”

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