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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Sep 10, 2019

Tom Belcher is a process engineer and physicist who's always loved data and drinking wine. Listen to Ep57 as Tom describes the lightbulb moment when his engineering and wine drinking careers collided to spawn a new proactive process for wine and spirits decanting. Now founder of WinePrO2, Tom is embracing entrepreneurship and exciting wine and spirits drinkers with a proactive decanting system that can saturate wine or spirits with oxygen in a matter of seconds, all inspired by a manufacturing process.

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6:38s Drinking wine in Spain

7:59s Working in industry / engineering process development

11:15s Developing a laser marking oxidation process in the engineering world

12:17 Discovering funnel based wine decanting and searching for data

14:38s Bringing science to the decanting process, taking data

17:12s The lightbulb moment: connecting the oxidizing laser process to wine decanting

20:34s Filing a patent and developing a decanting product backed with data

24:10s Engineering project ends , taking opportunity to focus on product development

25:57s Introducing the WinePRO2, the first proactive wine and spirits decanting system

29:58s The challenge of marketing a new product

31:02s Popping the cork on a red blend and A B testing the WinePro2

36:10s Reviewing the WinePro2 treated wine

39:03s Developing ways to showcase the product

41:34s Attending a New Orleans bourbon festival and discovering a new market for WinePro2

43:20s A B testing Whistle Pig Rye whiskey

47:25s Reviewing the WinePro2 treated Rye “This is scary”

50:25s Tackling digital marketing and learning new avenues to reach people

55:20s You really have to hold the course, the challenge of being persistent

57:10s Urgency to maintain good health

“Holding the course, if you have the vision and you get good feedback, you know it’s a product will make a difference for people, then, that’s what kept me going to pursue.”

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