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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Jul 31, 2019

Bobby Selvaggio is a recording artist and jazz saxophonist of the highest caliber and is on the verge of releasing his 11th album: Re:Invented - Live at the Bop Stop. Listen to Ep55 as Bobby shares how reinvention, paramount in his life right now, is shaping his original music and impacting the jazz and creative music programs he's directing at Kent State University. Hear his thoughts on the artist as entrepreneur in the digital world, dealing with jazz labels, and how success is individually defined.

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05:14s  Re:Invented - Bobby’s new live recording, embracing re-invention

07:12s Being in the individualistic crowd and innovation

09:59s Arranging vs covering as an approach to popular music

12:32s Developing a jazz degree program at Kent State University

15:30s Learning to be a college administrator in the moment

17:37s Having a vision and making it happen as an entrepreneur

18:30s The difference between business people, entrepreneurs and artists

23:09s Revamping college music education and infusing entrepreneurship

28:27s Being a brand and social media

29:53s Practicing for improvisation not for repertoire

33:10s Casey Niestat as a creative reference point

34:02s Getting away from “this one gig” mentality and making it about who you are

36:29s Success as and individual thing

40:17s Northeast Ohio intriguing as a homebase

43:17s Re:Invented , the new live recording project concept

48:20s Pros and cons of jazz record labels

01:01:16s Coming to grips with understanding the effects of social media technologies

01:05:33s Keeping your craft together while being an artist / creative entrepreneur

01:11:20s Understanding the many paths of success

“You know being an entrepreneur you have to live in the business world but I actually think entrepreneurs are artists at heart.”

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