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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Jun 13, 2019

Joel Fink, founder of Fantasy Candies, is a longtime chocolate, candy and wine purveyor who's recent quest to develop a chocolate bar to help children with autism led him to cannabidiol (CBD). Listen to Ep53 as he describes how recent changes in law and his high coco dark chocolate, approved by Cleveland Clinic's 360 program, inspired a new line of CBD infused chocolate. Spurred on by the positive health impact he's seeing on customers, Joel is now researching formulations with both CBD and THC.

07:54s Speaking for edibles / cannabis short course in Chicago at IFT event

11:30s Cannabis: CBD (Cannabidiol) vs THC, Hemp vs Marijuana

13:15s Combining CBD and THC to create different end effects

14:40s CBD isolate / full spectrum and the entourage effect

16:30s FDA approved 100% CBD:  Epidiolex

17:45s Reported positive and negative effects of CBD

20:57s Studying CBD to develop chocolate bar to help children with autism

23:38s Developing a system for homogenizing CBD isolate

25:00s Passing of the farm bill and de-scheduling Hemp as a schedule 1 drug

26:22s State of Ohio legal environment for Hemp and Marijuana

29:02s FDA, CBD and ecommerce

35:08s Getting into candy out of college

38:20s Paring chocolate with wine

42:38s Ecommerce, growth and social media

46:20s Love of studying and researching to inform new products

47:40s CBD and Chocolate as sleep aid for firefighters

49:49s Discovering high coco dark chocolate as a health breakthrough

“Tempering pure chocolate is one of the most difficult things that we have to deal with.  Even after 30 years it’s still never the same twice.”

“When I learned about the CBDs, I wasn’t looking at it from a legal standpoint.  I was reading about what this was doing for kids and how this was helping people.”

“I’m always looking to see what’s next, what can I do with chocolate… People love chocolate. It’s a wonderful delivery system.”

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