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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Nov 28, 2018

Renee DeLuca Dolan is the founder of Contempo Communications and the visionary behind the Female Entrepreneurship Summit (FES) held annually in Northeast Ohio. Listen to Ep44 as Renee describes why she started FES and how it's fostering the local female business community.  Digging into her own entrepreneurial journey, Renee shares why she quit her corporate job to start her own design and communications firm and why now she's created the new FES Investment fund.

03:01s Cyrid Media Studios

03:51s Founding the Female Entrepreneurship Summit

08:20s Working at American Greetings doing speaker support

09:13s Focus of the Female Entrepreneurship Summit

14:44s Early days at Northcoast Cable working in viceo graphics

16:15s Leaving American Greetings and striking out on her own

18:06s 1996, a pivotal time in the internet

21:07s The growing opportunities for creative thinkers

24:50s Studying communications at KSU, well rounded background

27:30s Struggling with all the choices for marketing technologies

32:12s Lessons learned in running a magazine for 10yrs

34:39s Part II Wrap-up of FES 2018

40:16s Details on the new Female Investment Fund

“I always liked new technology and I liked things that were new and different. I just didn’t feel like I belonged in a corporate environment.”

“I finally feel like people are starting to embrace and realize the benefit of creative thinking.”

“You don’t stay in business for 20 years if you’re doing the same thing. You have to reinvent yourself on a regular basis.”

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