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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Oct 11, 2018

Anthony Hancovsky is a champion martial artist who's sold loans and rehabbed houses but his latest project has unleashed a passion for blockchain technology.  Listen to episode 40 as Anthony describes how he first discovered Bitcoin and how he developed part of his opportunistic life philosophy while getting a tattoo.   Now the CEO of EMP.FITNESS, a blockchain based company, Anthony and his team are focused on reinventing the health and wellness experience so people can take better care of themselves. #fitness

05:20s Health and wellness in the digital age

07:35s EMP.FITNESS and creating an app on the blockchain

09:02s Pros and cons of choices and a barrier to choice

11:02s Storing biometric data in a hash environment, monitoring stool

14:40s The token / crypto component of health and wellness app

16:00s Attracting health and wellness providers

19:30s The growth of alternative health therapies and services

25:30s Finance telemarketing in Phoenix, AZ

26:45s Re-selling golf balls as a kid

28:50s Closing loans with tattoos and corn rows in the mortgage industry

31:30s Renovating homes, meeting a retired commodities trader, and getting into Bitcoin

36:30s Throwin more money into Bitcoin / cryptos and discovering ICOs

39:30s Meeting like-minded people and starting an app / ICO project EMP.FITNESS

43:02s The value of data scalability across all gym platforms and services

47:50s Constraints facing the blockchain based projects: compliance

53:02s Setting precedents in Cleveland in blockchain with Blockland Cleveland

55:30s Getting a tattoo and taking advantage of opportunities

1:00:25s Who moved my cheese? Dealing with change

1:04:03s Finding a surprising passion for technology and blockchain

“I wanna help people understand how to eat better, how to work out better, how to care of themselves better.”

“How are we gonna change the atmosphere here in America, from an economic standpoint, if we’re not taking the same steps as the rest of the world where economics is going….business and ecommerce is definitely going into blockchain.”

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