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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

May 17, 2018

John Fields, co-founder of, is a  builder and creative financial thinker who's latest passion is creating the future of content creation on the blockchain with a new digital wallet / coin application that's driving a curated platform.    Listen to Ep29 as John describes his early days  on the pacific options floor trading derivatives and how now, with AC3, is helping today's content creators get paid fairly, consistently and adequately, without exposing content to unauthorized replication.  #contentcreation #financialengineering #blockchain #au21capital
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05:02s How digital content has changed in the last 5-10 years
07:09s Focusing on the ultimate marketsplace for quality digital content
10:15s Digital currency, security and blockchain, and digital wallets
14:02s Building a wallet from the ground up on the blockchain
15:30s Allowing creators to distribute and manage content with protection against copying
17:05s Throwing the first all cryptocurrency concert
20:15s Trading derivatives on the Pacific option floor and pursuing a riskless investment
23:00s Explaining FinTech (financial technology) applications vs financial engineering
25:25s Creating a new private property transfer fee derivative for installing HVAC systems
29:10s Getting a user base, partnering with content creators
34:02s Building your own environment (e.g. not on Etherium) to control feature sets
36:05s The view of Patron, Patreon and competition in the marketplace
42:10s Struggling with authenticity / realness in the marketplace
45:15s Self funding of AC3, no ICO
48:21s Being a gatekeeper of information you all into your head
51:00s Send email to for free $20US of AC3 coin
“We’re gonna throw the first all cryptocurrency concert.  The whole thing is going to be financed with the AC3 coin.”
 “The question is how do you smartly spend your time accessing it (digital content), spending your money wisely and doing it to where you feel like it’s secure, a secure transaction, a trusted system.”
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