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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Mar 30, 2018

Ryan Roth Emry is a teacher, musician and for the past 3 years has been on a journey of self discovery.  Listen to Episode 25 as Ryan describes why he quit his corporate job in the states and decided to drop into Thailand on a whim, staying almost 2 and half years before returning to his home of Boise, ID for a visit.  Now living and teaching in Bangkok, Ryan has recently completed a 6 month Landmark Worldwide leadership training and shares how it's opened up his view of himself and the world.

05:01s Meeting a casting director and modeling in Bangkok (Ryan’s commercial link above)

08:40s Ryan as inspiration for JJRR podcast

09:50s Ryan’s backstory of living in the States and being married

11:20s Playing college football and getting injured

12:50s Wanting to explore more, what’s next

14:35s Going to a music festival and quitting your job

17:49s Friends and Families “concerned” reaction to Ryan’s crossroads

18:40s How Ryan ended up in Thailand

22:35s Buying a 1way ticket and being “8 months in”

26:11s Inspiration for exploring, realizing stability wanes with rapid change

30:01s Landing in Phuket, exploring Ko Samui and meditating

31:20s Having an anxiety attack while meditating and almost leaving the country

33:48s Landing in Bangkok a wreck and getting re-energized

36:25s Having one connection in Bangkok and meeting a musical comrad

40:25s Dropping into Bangkok in 2016 and sitting in with Ryan and Ample Soul

43:02s Being grateful for ability to play music and play with other people

45:45s Getting turned on to Landmark Worldwide Leadership training

49:54s Lessons learned from taking the 6 month Leadership course

54:33s Changing you’re objective reality with action

1:00:38s Tech in Thailand, embracing it, popular apps

1:05:39s Ryan’s thoughts on reinvention – “it’s intuitive”

“The main limitations that are ever holding you back from anything are the ones that exist in your own mind.”

“In reality, the only thing that can change your reality objectively is action. No thought will ever change your circumstances in reality.”

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