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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Jan 26, 2018


Jim Metzendorf is a sound engineer and audio software specialist that has recently turned what was once a side hustle into a full time freelance business as a podcast editor.  In episode 20 Jim describes how he went from being a software product specialist in the corporate world to a full time freelance career that has him editing up to a dozen podcasts at any one time, all by word of mouth. He's worked on many shows on the 5by5 podcast network and his latest pickup is editing the new All Turtles podcast on artificial intelligence.   


03:45s Tribute to Dave Metzendorf, Jim’s father and inspiration

07:03s Teaching as adjunct professor (i.e. freelancing) at a community college

8:41s Hosting an all night jazz show on college radio and getting into podcast editing

10:15s Jim’s inspiration to freelance; getting laid off from Avid Technologies

12:30s Listening to podcasts and finding out 5by5 podcast network needed an editor

13:30s Meeting Dan Benjamin one time only in Florida

14:15s Word of mouth and the challenge of self-promotion

22:30s Picking up editing duties for All Turtles Podcast

27:20s The behind the scenes process of editing All Turtles Podcast

31:35s Captain Kirk speech disorder – the dramatic pause

35:02s Getting credit and figuring out how to juggle editing a dozen shows

40:20s Jim’s choice of editing software, Adobe Audition / Izotope

46:30s The low barrier of entry to record and edit podcasts

48:30s Thinking of freelancing as a career

50:12s Jim’s concern about his physical interface to his work – ergonomics of editing

55:30s Being open and willing to learn new things - using google and youtube!

“Part of editing is, if people ever listen to one of the shows that I’ve done and they hear an edit, I’ve messed up.”

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