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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Nov 30, 2017

Kirk Chisholm was recently acknowledged as the #7 most influential financial advisor in Investopedia's top 100 and is known for his innovative approach to creating and managing wealth.  In this episode we dig into cryptocurrency, alternative asset types and true portfolio diversification. Kirk is a creative thinker and I love his answer on how he is able to continually reinvent himself.  Listen to the end of Episode 15 where Kirk offers a free gift for JJRR listeners.

Episode 15 Kirk Chisolm

04:16s Kirk’s favorite conference FinCon 2017

07:30s Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, blockchain and historical trading

11:30s Role of banking system in blockchain technology era

16:15s Risk and volatility with Bitcoin

21:30s Volatility and how it attracts traders vs. investors

25:02s True portfolio diversification and how to get it

26:42s The correlation of Timberland to the market and how institutional money causes changes

30:30s Pricing inefficiency of alternative (not in the market) assets

34:22s Examples of alternative asset classes

39:26s How Kirk helps clients do due diligence on alternative asset classes

44:04s Is a personal house an asset? Should you rent or buy?

53:00s Technology addiction and Irresistible by Adam Alter

59:45s The importance of reading for continued reinvention and a growth mindset

1:04:02s Taking time to think about things, and underrated concept

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