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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Nov 18, 2021

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Ryan Morgan is an SEO expert and family man who's passionate about sharing his digital marketing skills with others. Listen to JJRR 88 as Ryan shares how a post covid world effected digital marketing agencies so severely that it led him to "career burnout." Discovering entrepreneurship as a remedy, Ryan is now founder of The SEO Cohort, a peer based SEO training program which is fueling his passion for teaching and supporting his family lifestyle.

06:49s SEO - search engine optimization: constantly evolving

11:27s How search engines have changed over time – from text to multimedia / structured data

15:50s Where to start with SEO – High quality content: original, unique, valuable

17:45s Focus on high value pages

20:08s After quality content 2nd most important thing for SEO is user experience

22:25s Biggest mistake business owners make is writing from their perspective, not customers

26:27s Google autofill technique for discovering highly searched inquirys

29:01s The SEO Cohort: mentorship and peer based learning

32:46s Ryan’s entrepreneurial journey  - post Covid agency burnout

39:02s Joining a new agency thinking it would be different this time

41:12s Founding his own digital marketing agency

43:21s The importance of lifestyle design that comes with entrepreneurship

48:50s Ryan’s discovery of tech early on through his father’s teaching passion

55:14s The power of following your passion, how to do more of what makes you happy

“The words that I would suggest are original content, unique content, valuable content…If you can do that you’re already going to be ahead of the game.”

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