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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Oct 8, 2021

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Marie Alessi is an influencer / speaker / coach who's growing movement around grief is helping others love life after loss. Listen to JJRR 87 as Marie shares how her life changed instantly when she got the call her husband Rob had suddenly passed (age 45). In her "prime" of life and with 2 kids, Marie was able to turn her grief journey into a healing journey in contrast to common societal norms. Now author / founder of Loving Life After Loss, her book and movement are helping others heal. update

Marie Alessi - Loving Life after Loss - Marie Alessi

08:08s Having your husband die from an aneurism away on a business trip

10:16s Needing peace and quite and having a nervous breakdown

13:01s What does grief mean to you?  Empowerment!

14:56s People need empathy not sympathy

16:45s Closing the doors on her coaching business, without clarity for what’s next

19:04s Traveling around the world for 2 months with her boys

19:48s Loving Life After Loss book spawns a movement

22:50s Loving Life After Loss grief consulting, the business

26:05s Building a movement on her own experience

32:40s The 5 stages of grief and who they’re for

36:48s Grief as a natural process, body response vs mind, healing vs. grieving

44:01s Building a global movement with tech in different markets

47:35s Separating what you’ve lost from whom you’ve lost

50:55s Putting yourself in a state of creation to battle despair

“Sympathy keeps people stuck.  Empathy helps them to heal.”

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