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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Sep 17, 2020

#digitalnomad #laptoplifestyle #locationindependent

Andrea Sofia Alemany is a former international school teacher who enjoyed nomading around the world yet was somehow unfulfilled. Listen to JJRR 73 as Andrea describes how she discovered her passion teaching breathwork as an entrepreneur and now has embraced the digital nomad lifestyle of location independence. Kicking off her new journey, Andrea was selected to join other digital nomads / influencers for a roadtrip experience to promote Selina's new digital nomad friendly hostels / hotels.

08:25s Nomad vs. expat vs. digital nomad

10:12s Discovering Selina hostel hotels and applying to digital nomad road trip

17:31s Adding her breathwork classes to the Nomad Summit Cancun conference

19:18s How to relax and manage stress and anxiety with your breath

22:11s Repeating a breathing pattern and mantra and processing / releasing emotion

27:01s Andrea’s memory of me releasing during my first breathwork session

31:10s Take caution with breathwork for medical issues

34:04s Yoga teacher training and hating the breathing / mediation part

36:30s The cost of staying the same

40:54s Finding you way to be happy and reinventing yourself

45:17s Breathwork’s effect on meditation

47:55s Setting boundaries around using tech and practicing self-care

52:38s Making decisions, keeping going, learning lessons and getting aligned

“It’s about trusting the process, right? And following that inner voice that’s telling you it’s that way…It’s been a scary year, but it’s that way, just keep going.”

“Everything changed this year.  That’s the reality… You have to learn to be able to reinvent yourself over and over and over again.”

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