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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Jan 6, 2020

JimJim is kicking off the year and the new decade in Las Vegas and releasing his first ever solo podcast. Recorded high above the Las Vegas strip on the 35th floor of the Cosmopolitan hotel, listen to Episode 62 as JimJim breaks down his top 10 ways he's reinventing himself in 2020. Listen to the end to find out how to inspire, share with and foster reinvention for all JJRRevolutionaries out there.

03:40s 1 Produce a solo podcast

04:57s 2 Growing my hair out

08:11s 3 More extended, slow travel

12:17s 4 Attend a new conference - business / tech / passion

16:50s 5 Expand new venture investing

18:06s 6 Generate one new revenue opportunity

20:52s 7 Record some music – original / covers

23:18s 8 Continue purging / simplifying my life

26:34s 9 Learn more about / expand my meditation practice

32:48s 10 Read / finish reading more books

37:10s 11 Let’s learn from each other, who’s doing what to reinvent themselves?

“Understanding that your thoughts and feelings are just you know, fleeting. And they’re really not you. That will bleed over into your  daily life and allow you to be more focused.”

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