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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Oct 8, 2019

Davionne Gooden is a filmmaker and game developer who, after attending just one semester of film school, left to pursue development of his surreal adventure RPG about dreams and their mirrored reality. Listen to Ep59 as Davionne, founder of Studio Zevere, shares his reasons for leaving school and how the gaming world is already noticing his surreal, hip hop infused game though yet to be released, spawning recent invitations to speak at GameDevs of Color Expo and to showcase at Micosoft's XBOX Live.


07:05s Background music and She Dreams Elsewhere video game

09:52s Trailer / live action teaser for the game

11:13s Starting game development in High School and game genesis

12:40s Releasing a demo and going to showcases

15:08s Steam: gamer community website / platform

20:55s Reaching out to press and gaining notoriety for the game

23:30s Traveling / presenting unreleased game to / at developer conferences

25:50s Being invited to Microsoft’s XBOX live developers conference

27:02s Speaking at GameDevs of Color Expo NYC

29:44s VIP at Fortnite World Cup Finals

34:40s She Dreams Elsewhere release early 2020

38:46s Esports / professional gaming leagues

43:02s, next generation streaming community

47:51s Dropping out of film school to pursue game development

53:30s Game developers vs Film makers

54:51s Impact of technology and social media

58:03s Learning that it’s ok to be you unapologetically 

“Just learn that it’s ok to be you unapologetically, like both whenever you’re showing off work but in the work itself.”

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