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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Aug 13, 2019

Anton Kraly is the founder of Dropship Lifestyle and Ecommerce Lifestyle, companies offering online business training and transforming the lives of those interested in entrepreneurship, location independence and lifestyle design. Listen to Ep56 as Anton describes how reading a singular book back in 2007 inspired his ecommerce journey and how finding a community of entrepreneurs in Chiang Mai, Thailand led to a first DSL retreat in 2014, jumpstarting the company and fostering the robust DSL community.

05:02s Why JJRR podcast got started, getting locked out in Mexico

09:06s First discovering ecommerce and starting Dropship Lifestyle

11:31s Reading the 4 hour work week (Tim Ferris)

15:44s Reaching a crossroads of scaling or focusing on lifestyle design

18:25s Working with less customers, selling higher ticket items

21:50s Finding incorrect ecommerce information online in forums as inspiration for DSL 

28:30s In person community as motivation

30:17s Reasoning for structuring conference with fun afternoon activities

32:08s  Dropping into Thailand and discovering ecommerce community

34:09s  Meeting Johnny FD

38:55s Working less and being more productive

40:57s Ideas come from reflection

42:08s Returning to the state, moving to Austin, TX and now to North Carolina

45:40s The next stage of ecommerce, ecommerce lifestyle podcast

47:05s Starting a podcast using Anchor

51:50s Dealing with technology; shopify and automating advertising

56:26s Buying a rug with augmented reality

57:20s Building websites, pivoting and testing

59:40s Trying to simplify, focusing on cutting rather than adding

“Basically we’re trying to build sustainable businesses while making as much as possible with minimum effort. That means not actually trying to get all the traffic in the world to our websites but getting only buyer traffic.”

“The big turning point where it went from like not a business just something I enjoyed to a business was actually the first ever retreat that we did.”

“I thought it was me sharing some tips, and I realized it’s actually transforming lives of people, of members [of DSL].”

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